Think Loyalty - A Powerful Loyalty Card System

Many businesses already operate a customer loyalty system, where they reward their customers with discounts and special offers. You can find these type of systems in large supermarkets and stores. These are usually in the form of a store or club card.

Businesses such as coffee shops have their own loyalty systems which usually work with a "stamp card" whereby each time a customer makes a purchase, they present their card which is stamped by the personel working there. Once this card has been full stamped, they can then hand the card in for a free coffee, and a new card to start collecting stamps.

Our digital loyalty card program is one that can help increase your business and review, promote brand awareness and help you gain new customers who will remain loyal to you. With a digital loyalty card you can constantly remain in contact with your clients, and promote your special offers, discounts or new products directly to them via push nofitications.

Digital Loyalty Card Program

Stay Connected with your Customers

Literally everyone has a mobile phone, which we carry around with us wherever we go. Our digital loyalty card is stored directly on your clients phone, meaning it is always with them, thus you are able to connect with them in real time wherever they may be.

Imagine you are operating a restaurant, and you have a number of available tables. You can easily reach out to your clients informing them of a special discount for dinner this evening. Or you are travel agent who has a huge discount for last minute bookings and want to let your clients know about the amazing offer you have available for a very limited time. With our loyalty program, connecting with your customers has never been easier.

You can even have a geofence set up around your place of business, so that any customers of yours who have signed up to your loyalty can be reached by a geolocation based message when they are close by.

Our digital loyalty system has a huge range of features and there are many options available for you to specify the system to work with your business. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your business.


Works on Any Platform

iPhone users will already have the Wallet app installed on their iPhones as it has been pre-installed on all devices since iPhone 6.

Android users will need to download the Free "Wallet Pass" app for their Android phones so they can use our digital passes.

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