Features of our Loyalty Card System

Our digital loyalty card system has a number of great features that make it very flexible and ideal for everyone, regardless of whether you are small or large sized business.

You can create different types of loyalty systems and reward your customers accordingly. You can provide a points based system, discounts or speak offers and deals, all of which can be customized to your clients and scheduled to your required dates and timeframes.

Your special offers can be set up so that they have an expiry date, or you can limit the offer to the first 10 people to claim it. You can reward your clients with points based on the business they bring you with a tier-based offer system.

Tailor your offers to your clients. Give better offers and rewards to your loyal customers. Additionally you can motivate other members with special time-limited deals. Keep in touch with your customers by sending notifications.

If you have any questions about any of the features, or would like to discuss how our loyalty card system can work with your business, please feel free to contact us.

We will be very happy to discuss the potential of our digital loyalty program with you and best you can use it for your current and future clients.

Loyalty Card System Features

Collect Points

Allow customers to collect points and redeem them for offers


Easilty set up a stampcard based loyalty program

Customer Referals

Rewards clients for promoting your loyalty system

Multi-Level Offers

Offer deals and discounts to specific members

Offer Restrictions

Limits offers to one per member or based on quantity

Scheduled Offers

Set offers to become available on a specific date

Geo Location

Create geofences to send notications at a specific location

Bluetooth Beacons

Enrich your members experience with beacons


Send notifications about new deals and special offers